Kathryn Kuhlman – Biography And Life

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Kathryn Johanna Kuhlman was born on May 9, 1907, in Concordia, Missouri, United States. She of German parents, Joseph Adolph and Emma Walkenhorst Kuhlman; she was the third of four children: Myrtle, Earl, Kathryn and Geneva. Kathryn converted to Christianity in 1921, at a revival meeting held in a Methodist Church, in which a Baptist evangelist, Reverend Hummel, preached.

In 1923, Kathryn completed the tenth grade of high school, which was the degree of public education available in the city of Concordia. Her sister Myrtle had married an itinerant Moody Bible Institute evangelist, Everette B. Parrott., And asked her parents to allow Kathryn to join them for the summer. Kathryn assisted in services by sharing her testimony at revival meetings.

She continued with the Parrots Evangelists for five years, during which they were influenced by Canadian evangelist Dr. Price, who taught them about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and as a result they began a healing ministry.


In 1928, in Boise, Idaho, Kathryn had her first opportunity to preach. The work team at that time consisted of: the Parrots, Kathryn Kuhlman, and the pianist Helen Gulliford. Later, Kathryn and Helen accepted an invitation from the pastor of a small Boise church to stay and work there. Kathryn led the preaching and Helen the music. They traveled through the State of Idaho and other parts of the country for the next five years.

In 1933, Kathryn and Helen moved to Pueblo, Colorado, where they held meetings in a Montgomery Ward warehouse for six months. Prompted by this businessman, she went to Denver and began holding meetings at another of his warehouse. Shortly thereafter she moved into the warehouse of the Monitor Paper Company, and in 1935 they moved to an abandoned garage which they called “The Denver Revival Tabernacle.” There, the different programs of the ministry began to grow: Sunday school, the ladies’ society and a fifteen-minute radio program called “Smiling in spite of…”, on the KVOD station.

Kathryn Kuhlman shared her preaching ministry in Denver with many visiting evangelists, and it was through these visits that she met Evangelist Phil Kerr, who among other topics preached on divine healing and whose influence later became very significant.


In 1937, she met evangelist Burroughs A. Waltrip whom she would marry some time later, with devastating effects on the ministry because Waltrip had left his wife and children in Texas, and recently his wife had obtained a divorce. Despite the pleas of friends Kuhlman and Waltrip, they married in 1938, beginning a period in which both lost their ministries. After six years of marriage, Kathryn finally left Waltrip in 1944, and in 1948 Waltrip divorced her.

The first place Kathryn Kuhlman went after her separation was Franklin, Pennsylvania, where she worked hard to reestablish her preaching ministry.


The turning point came in 1946 when she was invited by Matthew J. Maloney of the Tabernacle of the Gospel in Franklin, Pennsylvania to conduct a series of preaching meetings again, and also began preaching on radio broadcasts. from the WKRZ station in the nearby town of Oil City. Within a few months, her show had been featured on WPGH, a Pittsburgh radio station. In 1948, Kuhlman began holding meetings in neighboring cities, including Pittsburgh.

In the earlier phase of her ministry, Kathryn was an evangelist whose preaching was limited to the message of salvation; But now she was preaching on healing, and she was calling people to the forefront not only to receive Christ but also to be healed. In 1947, Katrhyn Kuhlman preached her first series on the Holy Spirit. During the first meeting a woman was healed of a tumor while she listened to the preaching and later a man was healed as well. These events marked the beginning of her healing ministry.

In 1943 she moved to Pittsburgh, initially for a six-week series of preaching. There she met Maggie Hartner, who would later become her secretary and close friend of hers. It was through Maggie’s influence that, in 1948, Kathryn Kuhlman decided to hold a series of meetings at the Carnegie Hall theater in Pittsburgh. The services were very successful and finally in 1950 the ministry moved to Pittsburgh, where and there it continued until 1971.

Despite the good press that she received and the affection that many people in the city lavished on her, some local pastors were jealous thinking that she would remove members of the congregations from her. She survived all the attacks, including debates with a Minister who did not believe in the validity of healings and who considered it improper for a woman to be a preacher. (Kathryn Kuhlman was ordained in 1968 by the Alliance of Evangelical Churches).

In 1965, prompted by Pastors Ralph and Elaine Wilkersson, Kathryn Kulhman expanded her ministry to California, beginning with a meeting in Pasadena. She soon after she began holding meetings at the Shrine Auditorium in the city of Los Angeles, where she ministered until 1975.

In 1973, she performed her first service in Ottawa, Canada, at the urging of Maudie Phillips, who had traveled to Pittsburgh for Katheryn’s services since early 1969. From 1973 Maudie coordinated Kathryn Kuhlman’s services in a large number of cities around the United States.

Kathryn Kuhlman’s services were characterized by:

• Inspirational songs of praise and hymns
• A message about the need to “be born again”
• The power of the Holy Spirit flowing in an anointing of healing through the entire audience
• People who came to the front to give testimony of their healing during the service
• Kathryn Kuhlman laying hands on the sick, who fell to the ground under the power of God
• She never claimed the healings but gave testimony that only God heals.

She was a great promoter of the charismatic movement, was a guest speaker at Full Gospel Businessmen events, conducted Charismatic Conventions at Melodyland, the largest charismatic center in California, led by Pastor Ralph Wilkersson, and at all parties encouraged people to seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues.

she became famous due to the amazing healings that occurred in her services; her to the television programs that she began broadcasting in 1965 on CBS; to articles published in CHRISTIANITY TODAY and TIME magazines; and television interviews with Johnny Carson and Mike Douglas, among others.

Kathryn Kuhlman was honored at the 25th. celebrating the anniversary of her work in Pittsburgh; Oral Roberts University awarded him an honorary doctorate in 1972; she was given the keys to the cities of Pittsburgh and St. Louis; she was named an honorary member of the New York chapter of the Full Gospel Businessmen; and she made a profound healing and spiritual impact on the lives of thousands of people.

Kathryn Kuhlman’s health problems, related to her enlarged heart, were first diagnosed in 1955, but became more severe in the later years of her life. She contributed to this ailment, the stress of a very heavy schedule, particularly in the 1970s, when her itinerary was expanded and she ran services in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and she visited many other cities as well. She also continued her television ministry, visiting institutions supported by the Kuhlman Foundation, and also had to face a serious conflict with two former collaborators in 1975.

Kathryn Kuhlman’s health declined dramatically, she was hospitalized first in Tulsa during the summer of 1975 and then in Los Angeles at the end of that same year; she died on February 20, 1976 in Tulsa, after open heart surgery. Although she died, her legacy continued to live on through the Kuhlman Foundation by supporting different missionaries and Christian works, even until 1982 the Foundation continued to broadcast its radio programs in the United States; and to this day Kathryn Kuhlman’s ministry continues to inspire many servants of God throughout the world.

Birth and Death of Kathryn Khulman

Birth : May 9, 1907, Johnson County, Missouri, United States

Death : February 20, 1976, Hillcrest Medical Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States


Kathryn Kuhlman Quotes

Some of her most famous phrases

  • “You cannot give more than one has experienced”
  • “Much of the noise we make is a substitute for power. Noise is not power. ”
  • “God does not ask that we be vessels of gold, nor vessels of silver. What he asks is that we be glasses surrendered. ”

Kathryn Kuhlman Books

Some of his most famous books

The Master’s Touch: A Journey Into a Deeper Life With Jesus

There is no touch on the ground like the touch of hands marked with nail holes. Everyone He touches is transformed and whole. It is not a common touch because it brings salvation, healing, freedom and the power of God. When you are in the presence of Jesus, you have everything. You do not need anything else. That is why we encourage you to experience the Lord’s touch in your life.

From Despair to Freedom

The story of Gwen Lanning, a woman from Oregon who was diagnosed with cruel and aggressive bone cancer. God heard the prayers of hundreds of people and Gwen’s body, which had been plagued with cancer, was miraculously healed. Not a single sign of the disease remained. A great faith builder, this moving book is an excellent evangelistic tool, as well as a gift for those who need to hear this message

I believe in miracles

If you are trying to read this book in a critical, irreverent, and incredulous spirit, please give it to another reader. Because the content of these pages is very sacred to those who happened to these things. His experiences are too precious to share with those who have to read them only to scoff and scoff. These experiences are stored in the hearts of the protagonists of such events with admiration, thanksgiving and deep gratitude. These experiences are still as real and wonderful to these people, as at the time they happened.

The Greatest Power In The World: The Limitless Power of the Holy Spirit

This is a book of never-before-published teachings from Kathryn Kuhlman’s radio and speaking ministry on the power of the Holy Spirit. She has been impressed with what she accomplished; she now she learns how to receive ‘The greatest power in the world’. She offers hope and encouragement as she points directly to the source of the power we need to live as overcomers: the Holy Spirit.

Daughter of Destiny: Kathryn Kuhlman, Her Story

In the fifty years of her ministry, she possibly personally witnessed to 100 million people about the love and power of God. Wherever she went, people who did not believe in miracles began to believe in them because of her.

Before she died, she asked that only Jamie Buckingham be given permission to write her official biography, hiding nothing from her.

Here we have the story of her, not of a sanctimonious, but of a human person — marriage, divorce, betrayal in her administrative body — with nebulous events surrounding her death.

This is the story of Kathryn Kuhlman that few knew, but that she wanted to reveal.

The story of the redhead from Missouri that she became the foremost female evangelist of our century.

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